Execution of Private Buildings and Industrial Facilities
Execution of city planning and landscaping work
Execution of steel and special reinforced concrete structures

Restoration of public facilities listed by historical heritage

patrimônio histórico

Civil construction



Our History

Panda Engenharia e Construção transforms architectural projects into construction works integrated with the environment and social development. It aims to meet the needs of your contracts with excellence, promoting the satisfaction of the parties involved. The company has almost 40 years of history of construction and operations in residential, commercial, industrial, educational, health, infrastructure, public security and historical heritage areas. It also performs basic sanitation, urban cleaning services, water and sewage treatment stations and distribution networks, city planning and landscaping; earthworks; underground networks and paving; as well as complementary works and technical assessment in Civil Engineering, highlighting the feasibility studies for diverse projects, within residential, commercial and industrial installations.
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